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Levi's Jeans for women

Levi's Jeans for women

Levi's launches the new Levi's women series 700 jeans collection. Lots of different fits to suit all body types. Check out the following fits in various colours and fabrics:

Levi's 710 SUPER SKINNY Jeans - Skinny and sexy!

Levi's 711 SKINNY Jeans - The classic Levi's Skinny Jeans.

Levi's 721 HIGH RISE SKINNY Jeans - Skinny Jeans with a higher rise.

Levi's MILE HIGH SUPER SKINNY Jeans - Extra high rise, super skinny jeans.

Levi's 712 SLIM Jeans - Slim but not too tight. Very chic.

Levi's 714 Straigth Jeans - A classic, straight leg jeans. timeless!

Levi's 715 BOOTCUT Jeans- Gives you a slimmer silhouette and a longer leg.

Levi's 501 CT BOYFRIEND Jeans - The 501® Jeans is the original boyfriend-jeans.

Levi's 501 SKINNY Jeans - The original 501® Women Jeans with a skinny leg.

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